ON DEMAND: Campaigns During Challenging Times (:30)

Futurus Group

Careful consideration should be given prior to canceling or launching a campaign during difficult times. While adjustments of timing or amount may be necessary, making radical changes to a campaign could yield negative long term results.  This webinar will explore the importance of this evaluation, and not retrenching, but using the campaign as a way to further develop and steward your most important relationships.  Healthcare is the single most important issue in the country right now, and your hospital will need support in the form of philanthropy.  How can the case for support for your campaign be strengthened to meet the needs of your hospital in service to the patients and families in your community?

Join Jason Manning to learn key strategies for Campaigns During Challenging Times.

Over the past decade, Gobel Group and Futurus Group have helped improve results for philanthropy offices that support over 800 hospitals throughout North America.

Our robust team of experts collectively have over 500 years of experience from top medical centers. We are here to support you with customized solutions for your specific and unique challenges.

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