Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of Philanthropy – Creating Community for Good Podcast

Futurus Group

Dear Colleagues, Clients, and Friends,

I hope this email finds you healthy and safe. I wanted to share a fun new podcast that was released this morning, hosted by a dear friend and former colleague Lindsay Simonds.  Earlier this year, Lindsay launched her own podcast, aptly titled Creating Community for Good where she connects with professionals from all walks of life to explore the ideas and ideals related to the true essence of philanthropy… the love of humankind.

In today’s episode, Lindsay and I discuss the “new normal” where artificial intelligence is interwoven throughout the philanthropic sector. From the many benefits of AI and how it’s already helping nonprofits build long term relationships with their donors, learn how to get access to valuable tools that will take you a step closer to creating a more connected and more loving community.

Key Takeaways:

  • (01:50) – What is holding people back from being more generous during these times?
  • (04:22) – How artificial learning helps people match their passion with purpose for philanthropy.
  • (10:45) – How to predict gratitude by using big data.
  • (13:52) – The cons of AI learning and tips to avoid biased, inaccurate and “bad” data.
  • (16:44) – On the exponential and efficient integration of AI in the nonprofit sector.
  • (19:53) – How nonprofits can get access to Artificial intelligence tools and counseling.
  • (23:26) – The right conditions and thresholds for AI to become efficient for even the smallest organizations.
  • (28:09) – How AI can greatly impact and benefit stewardship for nonprofits.
  • (29:48) – The not-so-talked-about ethics around AI in the nonprofit sector.

Whether you’re inspired about AI, already using it, or still unsure about your thoughts on it, this episode discusses how AI can help the nonprofit community stay relevant and keep evolving in the ever-changing, modern world.

If you would like more information about our G2G product and how it could be applied to your organization to increase your philanthropic revenue, click here to schedule a 15-minute call.

Thank you,
Nathan Chappell
President, Futurus Group