Enhancing Grateful Patient Programs with AI Webinar

Futurus Group

Are your clinicians uncomfortable meeting with gift officers because the foundation only provides names via wealth screening? Are your gift officers struggling to find grateful patient prospects? Is engaging clinicians an ongoing challenge for your foundation?

Watch this free webinar recorded on August 15, 2019, and learn how Essentia Health Foundation successfully incorporated G2G into their Grateful Patient Program. Using machine-learning technologies, Gratitude to Give (G2G) is the only artificially intelligent algorithm built specifically to predict gratitude for nonprofit organizations. The clinicians at Essentia Health are now eager to meet with gift officers because those gift officers are asking them about grateful patients that they’ve already been working with. And the gift officers are now seeing an exponential increase in their grateful patient prospects to the extent that the foundation is adding on more gift officers!

This webinar was hosted by Scott Rosenkrans, Principal Consultant & Director of Data Analytics at Futurus Group, a division of Gobel Enterprises. Scott was joined by Derek Groves, President & CDO at Essentia Health Foundation.