Futurus Group on the front cover of AHP Healthcare Philanthropy Journal

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Futurus Group on the front cover of AHP Healthcare Philanthropy Journal Announcement

Dear Colleagues, Clients, and Friends,

I’m thrilled to share that the cover story of the latest issue of the AHP Healthcare Philanthropy Journal was contributed by myself and healthcare philanthropy professional Jim Green, MBA, CFRE.  Aptly titled, “AI and the future of philanthropy”, Jim and I discuss the growing prominence, promise and perils of deploying artificially intelligent technologies within healthcare philanthropy.

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Perhaps uniquely to healthcare, gratitude has been shown to be part of the healing process for many patients and families.  More than ever, these factors combined with the reality of rising costs and decreasing reimbursements, mean that healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to philanthropic dollars as a need rather than a luxury.  Counting philanthropic dollars as a “margin of excellence” means that any decreases in giving have an immediate and significant impact on the viability of efforts to advance medicine.  Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a key role in capturing data to understand and utilize gratitude for the benefit of patients and families: past, present, and future.

“At each stage from prospect identification, qualification, cultivation and stewardship, AI holds the power to reinvent, prioritize, customize or enhance every aspect of fundraising.”

Notwithstanding the latest fundraising implications of COVID-19, philanthropy is already at an inflection point with a slow decline of individual giving.  If its trajectory is left unchecked, the implications for sustainable healthcare innovation and discovery will be serious at best and disastrous at worst. The need for nonprofit organizations to work smarter by creating efficiencies and automating operational activities has never been more paramount.

AI has the capacity to give fundraisers a much fuller picture of who it is they’re talking to compared to wealth screening alone. With AI tools in hand, the whole process not only becomes more efficient in general but, at its best, can also become more personal.

The realities facing healthcare philanthropy pose challenges, but each new opportunity represents a chance to leverage advances in AI to create a more fulfilling donor experience and more sustainable, efficient lines of philanthropic revenue.

While the entire world is fixated on the healthcare profession, the need for philanthropic dollars to support the medicine’s greatest needs has never been more important.  With the emergence of big data and advanced technology, it’s a natural extension that AI will be used to effectively unite donors, fundraisers and healthcare providers.  For the first time in history, we have the power to truly redefine what it means to couple precision philanthropy with personalized medicine.

We are thankful for AHP and grateful to be able to contribute to the ongoing thought leadership that the Healthcare Philanthropy Journal provides its readers.  As Futurus Group remains more focused than ever to challenging the status-quo, we are honored to work with small, medium and large healthcare organizations, academic medical centers, clinical research centers, higher-education institutions and religious organizations through our groundbreaking ideas and award-winning technology.

With a laser focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to redefine the nonprofit sector, Futurus Group enhances efforts to foster more human-focused fundraising by focusing on gratitude.  With results 400-500% greater than traditional prospect identification methods, our Gratitude to Give (G2G) algorithm uses the most advanced machine-learning technology available to predict which individuals are most likely to make a philanthropic gift.

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